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Ore no Pika Pika~!
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1st-Apr-2006 01:07 am - Watashi no Tanjoubi, Na No Da~!!!
Ryuchan >> Hoe
*happily bounces in*

Yo, minna-san! This can be found on the new oekaki page of the official Grasper site:

A special oekaki I did for my birthday. Fufufu~! :3 I've also decided to make the oekaki page permanent... & will update once every month, no da. :3 What do you think? Tanoshii ne~?!? :D Wheeeeeee!!!!

P.S. Will post my comic strip about Tatchan & Eiri-san's match later... I'm out crayons & can't color it in. *pouts* Tatchan... buy me a new set, na no da~!!! X3
22nd-Jan-2006 01:33 am - Minna...
Ryuchan >> Hoe
Hisashiburi na no da~!!!

*gives everyone a big glomp* :D Kumagorou misses everybody , too! *waves the pink bunny’s arm* Oh, I also have Halloween here with me. *heaves the cat onto lap and starts stroking his black fur* I’m at Tatsuha’s, trying to cheer him up since he’s still kinda bummed about the incident with Yuki-san. I’m glad that I have more free time now… so that I can spend more time with him… especially now. Anyway, a lot of things sure has happened since Christmas…

Just a little before Christmas 2005:

NG (I do remember suggesting something like this to Tohma earlier) came up with an idea that me & Shuichi go caroling at some of the big companies around Tokyo. All proceeds will go to charity, for them cute little kids. I also plan to use the money earned to buy bunny plushies so I can give them to the children as well.

I remember the time I approached Shuichi to remind him about the event:

“SHUUUUICHIIIIIIIII~!!!” I shouted as I tackleglomped the pink-haired Bad Luck vocalist.

“Sa-Sakuma-san!” he gasped out, startled.

“Na, Shuichi… you do know we’re going caroling this Christmas, right?” I asked him.

“Of course! I’m actually very excited about it, really~” he answered.

“Me too! Ufu~! I can’t wait to sing with Shuichi again! Tanoshii na no da! I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun! Wheeee~!” I said, squishing then twirling him around. “Sou da, I have costumes for us, too!”

“Hontou?” his eyes sparkled the moment I mentioned ‘costumes’. Heheh. I knew he’d like that idea.

“HAI! I have ‘em right here…” I started to rummage inside the Kumagorou costume I happened to be wearing then.

Shuichi sweatdropped. “Anou… you managed to fit the costumes in there?” he asked incredulously.

“Mochiron! Wait for a minute, Shuichi~” There! Oops, grabbed Kumagorou by mistake. Followed by a bag of konpeitou, a lollipop, a video of one of our concerts, and a pack of plastic balloons.

“Here you go!” I exclaimed after a few more minutes of rummaging, brandishing two uber kawaii reindeer costumes with matching bells at the collar and hooves for gloves… raising ‘em up high for Shuiichi to see. “You can even keep them afterwards!” I said as I handed him his.

“Kawaii!” he squealed. “These are really cute, Sakuma-san! I’m sure the kids will love it! Etou, you’re really giving it to me?” I nod enthusiastically in reply. “Arigatou gozaimasu!” he said and bows down.

“Do you have some free time now?”

Shuichi blinks. “Huh? Er yeah, I just finished practicing with the band. Things went smoothly, if you count out the fact that K-san almost let off a bomb again because Fujisaki’s been daydreaming about his recent date with Maiko & wasn’t concentrating on the piece. Why?”

“That’s good! Then let’s go get some ice cream!” I snatched his arm and pulled him towards the doors before he could protest. “I know a great place. They have lots of… hoe…!” I stopped as I felt something tugging on my ear.

“And where do you thing you’re going?” That something turned out to be Noriko-chan. Ah mou. Caught again. X3

“I’m going out for some ice cream with Shuichi!” I reply, giving her my sweetest smile. “Okay, we’re going now! Bye bye!” I quickly blurted out and tried to get away but she pulled at my ear again.

“Oh no you don’t! We can’t have any of that right now. You still have some recording left to do!” she reminded me, still twisting on my ear. “Tohma’s gonna be ticked if you don’t get your ass back in the studio right now. I can’t believe I have to look for you again… I’m no babysitter, dammit.” She muttered under her breath.

“Itai yo! Itai itai itai itai! Datte Noriko-chan! I want some ice cream now! I’m wanna eat some ice cream with Shuichi! Wahhhh! Shuichi! Tasukete!!!!” but Shuichi just gaped stupidly, watching as Noriko-chan dragged me by my bunny ears back to the studio.

Christmas 2005Collapse )

New Year’s EveCollapse )


“Yay! Recording’s finished! I’ll go check up on Tatsuha now, na no da~!!!” I exclaimed, rushing out the door like a rocket.

Noriko simply sighed after I ran out saying “Yare, yare…”

I found Tat-chan mopping the floor just around the vicinity. I snuck up quietly behind him and gave him a small peck on the cheek.

“My honey~!” he said, dropping the mop & kissing me back. “Damn, nothing beats one of your kisses when it comes to cheering me up.”

I smiled then told him I’ll be going to his house after he finishes his work. He then grumbled & cursed, saying that his working hours are too damn long & it sucks that he couldn’t be with me sooner.

“Daijoubi~ I’ll be waiting til then. Good luck with work, okay~!” I said, kissing him goodbye before rushing off again… only to run into Mika-san on my way down. She told me she came to pick up the twins. Twins. Tomajiro. (Taihen na no da! Kumagorou’s in danger! >.<) I clutched tightly onto Kumagorou, Mika-san gave me a weird look as I did so.

“Anou, Ryuichi-san, Tomajiro forgot about Kumagorou so you don’t have to worry so much.” She reassured me.

“Hontou ni?”

She nodded & I let out a huge sigh of relief. Yokatta. (Ne, Kumagorou, you’re safe now… no one’s taking you away again. *chuu* :3)

Mika-san asked me where Tat-chan was so I pointed her in the direction of the studios before waving goodbye.

Then I saw Yuki-san wandering around the lobby.

Ah mou. I suddenly remembered what he did on Tatsuha’s birthday. How dare he do that to Tat-chan? And for no good reason at all. That was very very mean of him. D:

I suddenly felt so much anger welling up inside me that I rushed on over and bumped him hard as I passed by.

Yuki burst out “What the fuck do you think you’re…” he suddenly stopped as his eyes met my cold, icy glare, I can that he was very taken aback by my stare.

“Don’t ever think about doing that to Tatsuha again.” I said in a low voice… still fixing him with my cold glare.

He glared back at me for a long time… I saw a little hint of fear(?) for a brief second as he looked into my eyes before he turned away and lit a cigarette mumbling “Tch. Not worth it…” as he walked away.

You’ll see. If you ever hurt my Tatsuha again. I’ll make sure you’ll pay back double.

OOC Notes:

Otoshidama – monetary gift that Japanese children get from relatives on new year’s day.
Boku wa totemo ureshii na no da~! – I was very very happy, na no da~! (Sankyuu for the corrections, Marianne! ^_~)
14th-Oct-2005 05:42 am - Neko-chan na no da~!!!
Ryuchan &gt;&gt; Hoe
Tatsuha brought home a cat~!!! :3 *pika pika eyes* He's all black and has these big yellow green eyes. So pretty! Kumagorou seems to get along with him pretty well, too! I'm glad! :D

Oh, guess what his name is --- Halloween no da~! Hai, that's his name... Tatsuha thought of it, and I can't help but be reminded of America 'cause of that. We took a couple of pics... but to better describe him to Shuichi a while ago I drew a sketch of Halloween on his oekaki. Hehe~!

Halloween~ :3

Shuichi said he must be really cute, based from the picture. :D *squishes Shuichi* But he looks much cuter than that in real life. Really~! :3 Halloween needs a lot of love & care, though... which we'll most definitely shower him with... even though Tatsuha's being all grumbly about it. I know he cares for the cat deep inside. Fufufu~! ^-^ Too bad I wasn't able to go pick him up though, Tohma's being a meanie during practice... won't even let me go home early... *whines* :((

Anyway, our new song's turning out well. So I couldn't complain about that, I guess. ^^ Passed by K-san, who looked pretty pissed off as I was going home. Offered him some sweets & Kumagorou to cheer him up. Didn't work. :S Yare yare, na no da~
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